Monday, August 8, 2011

Fringe for real: A simple listing

Fringe is happening. All over my face. 

I have seen 11 shows so far and Sex Failure has had two performances. I am really proud of the cast and crew of Your Responsibility for Sex Failure and I am so proud of the audience too. They are handsome. It seems like everyone is having fun, and that is our whole deal. Come hang out with us and have fun times. Three more perfromances. Click here. to buy tickets. The press has been very generous to us. Thank you Metro Mag, MSP/ST. Paul Mag and all the audience reviews and Tweets! I am blown away by the encouragement.

These are the shows I saw in the order I saw them:

Comedy=Tragedy+Someone Else
I'm Totally President
Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs
Our Freaking Kids Show
Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee
Death Perception
Hauser Dance Unraveled
Anglina is a Zionist Whore or Plan 9 from Baghdad

If you want to know my opinion of these shows, you shall buy me a drink or a sandwich. Because I liked talking to people in person. You should talk to me in a person way. However, I will tell you that none of these shows sucked. So go check them out.

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