Sunday, October 11, 2009

St. Paul Art Crawl '09

Sure I eschewed(not quite the right word) the Zombie Crawl for the Art Crawl but I still didn't avoid the weirdos. 'Nuff said.

But the highlights of the night were...

Almost illegal parking

Stereotyping the punk bar

The chocolate Lab that was terrified of the fifteen foot trailer spider in from of the downtown library.

Artist Matthew Rucker: Everything he does is magic. His art was this years poster winner but all his work is so simple, concise and in out of this world. Genius. Plus his cat was well poised next to the art and good at people observations. 

Seeing all the cool artist lofts. One day one will be mine. A cool one with huge window and high ceilings.

The light painter guy that I forgot the name of that gave us a demonstration. Very cool.

Perfecting the "Ah! food! sneak attack on the snack tables. 

And the North Dakota photos, because I have to like them

On the not so plus side:

Lots of under-priced work(good for me, not for them)

Missing artists when I am trying to buy their things

Pretentious family members of artist that jump into your conversations

But pretty good, we kind of lost it after five flights of stairs to see weird stuff. That was it. Actually we lost it in the lobby of what seemed to be the art of old folks, which is probably why there were no steps to get to that.

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