Thursday, October 22, 2009

Entitled Hitchhiker.

Thursday morning 6:45am, 494 eastbound.

There is a woman trying to hitchhike? I won't call her a hitchhiker, because she clearly did not know what she was doing. She was walking on the shoulder of the interstate, in the still dark dawn, against traffic (I don't know if that is correct of not) with her thumb out. She was visibly frustrated that no one was stopping. She did that tossing of the hands up in the air thing. 

I didn't see her until I was passed her. The morning traffic is pretty tight and taking an unexpected drive off the shoulder would not have been well met. Nor would the attempt to merge back on once you have picked up said poor hike-hitcher.

I assumed what happened is her car broke down. She is on her way to work so instead of calling work, or calling a friend or calling a tow truck, she decided to hitch a ride. But who hitch hicks on 494? No is really going a distance. I was only going one mile. What if she wanted to be dropped off, I would have had to pull over again. Inconvenient. For everyone. 

The most interesting point was that she was less than 50 feet from an exit that would have taken her to a more real, safer road and to people. People at gas stations and Walgreen's where she could have used a phone, or a tow truck. 

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