Monday, October 26, 2009

Ok, then

How do I not fit into my pants again? Why are the new pants falling off? I can't keep buying new pants. I don't like shopping. If my Wii was set up I could see how much weight I have lost, but UPS is holding my TV screws hostage. So, either my pants are just exhausted and exhaling or I keep dropping fats.  I don't hear it falling but, man, these pants are just dripping. And the belts aren't helping, they are just as loose, like those belly chains that were so popular in high school. I still have my belly chain, I thought they were cool, and obviously still do. I used to where it more as a double looped necklace, I remember I wore it in my first set of senior pictures. Belly chain. It was cute. And broken constantly. I am really writing this blog to alleviate my frustration with screwing up six thank you cards. Six! That is all the card I had. So now I am going to have to send and email.

At least I won't have to use a pen.

PS why is alleviated in the spellcheck and alleviate is not?

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