Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have I not blogged about the merkins yet?

How could I have forgotten?

Well, the Minnesota Textile Center, is hosting the "Intimate Apparel" exhibit until Oct 24. I ditched teh book fest to attend a few weeks ago and well worth the free admission.

For someone, me, who has interesting and amusing opinions about hair, pubic areas, stereotypes, feminism and art the exhibit was hilarious and disappointing.

Bobby pin merkin-genius in concept and visual

There were others but I forgot them.


The mutiple merkins that were re-interpretations of "fig leaf."

If I was curating that exhibit, I would have said, "You call yourself artists and all you can come up with is a fig leaf? Did you think to yourself, what would be the easiest, most obvious and uninspiring thing I could make? Because  that is what you made. Try to challenge yourself next time, the audience is bored."

I would have made them do it over.

 Sure they looked nice if they were in the Garden of Eden, but come on! An oppourtunity to make a merkin anyway you like?

I would make a merkin of clown noses.

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