Monday, October 19, 2009

So olllllld

When did I get to be 800 years old? Why am I paralyzed?

Why can't I dress myself without looking at

Is a drug? Am I addicted? I just want to be dressed for the weather? I don't like being cold.

Why does only have a weekend or a ten-day forecast? What about five day or a traditional week. Or an hour by hour? I just need to know what to wear now, not what to wear in over a week. Ten days is how long vacations are (one work week and then two weekends, I suppose that is nine days, but you get it)

This morning, I was almost late to work because I turned my computer off and couldn't decided on a fall jacket. Which one to wear??? So I had to re-boot my computer to ask what to do. I couldn't have just looked out the window? But is a numerical window, looking out the window doesn't tell me the numbers and my running pants are rated for zero to 39 degrees, so outside that range I can't wear them., you've got me under your spell. 

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