Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Why is everyone's youth marked by a drowning kitten story? Why is everyone drowning kittens? Kittens are adorable, do they think because they are so adorable that they are invincible. People keep telling me these stories. Why is it only ever one kitten? If these 'people' with an unexpected litter of adorables can't keep them why is there only one that gets watered down? And if a kitten needs to be drowned(which they never do) why aren't the parents doing it? Why teens and preteens? Is this some sick right of passage Midwest parents think is important? Why have a met so many people who have a kitten drowning story? And why do they tell it with honest remorse? If they felt remorse they should have gone in the bucket after the cat! Why is this a cookie cutter youth experience? Are parents buying twisted weird 'how to be a good parent kits?"

Some advice. Get it spayed, idiots. 

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