Saturday, July 11, 2009

Diaper Genie

There is a reason someone invented Diaper Genie. 

And the reason is stink-filled baby poop.

The person I live in my apartment with has recently begun a two-afternoon-a-week baby sitting gig in our apartment. On day 2, the baby needed changing and placing the offending diaper in a paper take out bag in the trash does not recreate a diaper genie. Ouch. Not that I blame him too much for the smell, I also think that the parents are to blame(the parents are always to blame!) That is they expect one to change the butt rag of their child in their own home that they should also bring a diaper genie to properly dispose of the bowel cloth. Is making people babysit in their own home just a ploy to get baby poop in to more homes? Are they trying to convert the non-reproduced by infecting them with dung? Do they assume that the non-reproducers will 'get used' to the smell and then have children of there own so they don't feel so chained down by their own choices? Or so they can drop even more children off at the baby-sitters without anyone knowing? 

What is the meaning of all of this?

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