Friday, August 6, 2010

Totally Vanity Project Blog

Excitedly distracted by the Minnesota Fringe right now. Last night I saw two shows. Speech! and Rachel Teagle Believes in Ghosts. Now I can't stop looking at the fringe sight, planning my next attacks.
I only have a ten card punch. Every year, I toy with the idea of an Ulta Pass but with a recent brand new fuel pump, the filming of a TV show, screenwriting class and other engagements, I just wouldn't make it work.
Mainly, because if an Ultra pass found its way into my hands I would see a show in every slot since I am results oriented. So to control myself, time and get other things done. I did not get an Ultra pass (but I so want one).
I know tonight I am going to St. Christopher of Financial Aid (after my appearance at Week-long Naughty-billy Hoe-down Smutty Open mic, or what ever the dirty open mic Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls are hosting this week at Storefront-in-a-Box) and on Sat, seeing The Anton Kissbougel Technique as well as Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots.
The Uptown Art fair is also going on in my backyard so a million people will be everywhere there too.
And I am a finalist for the TCLimerick contest which is on Sunday, but I am also performing Improv at Impro-A-Go-Go at the same time, so I just need to clone myself by Sunday.
There are more shows I am seeing. 33 and 1/3 dates, I know is one. But I can't remember the others.
This might be a really boring blogpost, but whatever you read it until the end.


Rachel Teagle said...

YAY! Thanks for coming, Ms. Sexypants. Also, I am unsurprised that you are kicking butt at limericks as your wit is both succinct and Irish in form. See you around at Bedlam?

Courts! said...

Woo Hoo!! Can't wait to hear what you bring, Heather. And then we'll go to Fringe Prom afterward! Whaddya say??