Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She bangs!!!

I am not going to blog about my haircut. But I totally am blogging about my haircut. I don't usually get haircuts. But I did today and I was pretty much given the haircut I have been trying my whole life to over come.

Hairdressers like to give my giant forehead bangs. I am sure they look fine but to me bangs just make me think of awkward growing-up-ness. I had the bangs that started on the center top of my head and came forward making a thick dense curtain just above my brow bone. It took me all of my seventh grade year to overcome those bangs until finally I got rid of them completely and have recovered from bangs vowed never to go back there again. I should have stopped her but I let Lushtastic cut away and away and ta-da, they are back.

Why is my arm doing that? Did I have an itch? That is my "I'd rather be riding Ginger" t-shirt. Look at those bangs!!!

And here is me 20 years ago with the same haircut:
And obviously the same sense of style. Bright colored t-shirts. And yes, my tongue still makes that weird shape.



Jill said...

They look FANTASTIC. Don't be sad, you're Betty Page, for fucks sake. Hottie.

PS. Now you're Betty Page. Not as a kid. That'd be pervy.

Rachel Teagle said...

Heather, you need to call your past self up and get that shirt back and wear it all the time.