Monday, June 21, 2010

Days 21-11 of 30 Days of Creativity! And my obsession about the highlight reel.

Here's what's been up:    This was yesterday's (day 20) creation.
I was in Chicago and this looks all types of artsy/photography-y. But my real creativity was un-photographable ability to eat a fig in a blanket. Yes, fig not pig.

Moving along backwards: Day 19
We tried to put the cat in a tu-tu but he was much to masculine

Day 18: Silly Putty
I was lazy but thought Silly Putty would appeal to the geeks and get my stuff of the 30 Days of Creativity Highlight Slideshow

Day 17:
Easy way out.

Day 16
Origami Jumping Frog! Out of someone's business card, sorry Metro Sound and Lighting

Day 15
I saved a pigeon. Don't worry there will be a blog about it later. Took it to rehab.

Day 14:
TV sitcom pitch: Short Attention Dan and Manta Ray O'Conner. He's little and affectionate, she's a supreme court fish.

Day 13:
Beans and plastic fish (Why was this not on the highlight reel? Combining foods and non-foods is always spectacular!)

Day 12
Totally lazy and sick of not being on the highlight reel, I take the easy and pretentious route.
It is the shadow of a bowl on my table. 

Day 11:
Again, really lazy and busy, I tried to make something smart enough to be on the highlight reel. 

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