Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 6: Stuff that I have had for years

I had a silk scarf painting kit that I purchased at a thrift store in 2006. One of my secret motives with the 30 Days of Creativity is to do the projects that I have been storing the supplies for for years. This kit was one of them. My goal wasn't to be awesome at silk painting but to just do it.

This kit came with everything I needed. I did need to by new resist (to draw designs and not let the colors run together, thus resist blending), but that was only $3 at Dick Blick and 45 minutes of wonder and awe in the store.

I hated the design that you were 'supposed' to do with the kit, so I ignored the pattern and drew one of my own. Citrus fruits, that is what I sort of drew. Then I just painted away, ignoring spills and order.

Here is a section of it, before I made the colors 'inedible' and hung it up in the shower to dry, that is where it still is. It's not going to be all over the runways this fall, but it is done. 

Millions for me!

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