Friday, March 26, 2010


I made this puppet!

He's awesome! I tried to make a girl puppet, but this is clearly a boy. Look at the yellow ribbon 'stache!

So scary!  This puppet is related to the  most more famous Sexual Suggestion Monster, as seen in Panda Sandwich Sketch Comedy and had his very own photo shoot with a real photographer (not just me with a camera in one hand and my other hand up his rear.) This shoot was for real (eventually I will post those photos too....).

This puppet was named the Sexual Suggestion Monster after being cast as such creature. The idea of the Sexual Suggestion Monster came out of  Panda Sandwich improv scene and then was worked in to a real sketch. My puppet was cast. He has a great agent (me). The sketch involved my adorable puppet helping two children become better friends through, you guessed it, sexual suggestions. Brilliant.

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PropTart said...

That is one sexy 'stache!!