Friday, November 27, 2009

Just one huge box...

FeatherStone Farms. You are changing my life!

FeatherStone Farms. How do I love you? Organic-check. Convenient-check. Element of surprise-check. I love you, Featherstone Farms.

Four weeks ago, I got my first box of veggies (or weggies for my German friends). I am part of a CSA, I don't know what that stands for but I think it stand for Convenient Surprise Awesome. I shouldn't say I got my first box, more we got our first box. Well my first box, M and A's like millionth box. They fired their last box sharers for negligence and invited me to join. I jumped at the chance. Fresh, organic, local produce, picked packaged, chosen and delivered for me? Yes! For the fall, we get one box every two weeks. And then in the spring, a box a week until….the fall!!! Hooray. I love it. And it cost like $9 a week and I don't have to go to the grocery store.

I also love learning about new foods. I learned parsnips are not awesome in curry, but great in potpie. Horseradish greens are not lettuce and the space water vegetable is really a version of cauliflower.

And…I made a pie. From an entire pumpkin. It was pretty easy. Messy and I couldn't find my big knife so for a while I thought there was a murderer in my apartment but I still made a pie. Ok, I bought the crust. But I made a pie. First pie ever. It was ok. I didn't love it. And I made whipped cream. The instructions said hold the whisk like a dagger, I thought, "How many whipped cream makers know how to hold a dagger?" I assume all of them, because I know how to hold a dagger. But, man, no one holding a dagger wipes in in circles around a bowl for 20 mins. Ow. I know why there needs to be a dagger to plunge it into my chest for not having an electric mixer.

Pie. You happened.

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