Monday, November 9, 2009


The most MInnesota thing in the world.

The church Bazaar. 

Knitted hanging towel things (I know what I mean my mom has one). Crocheted doilies and lopsided washcloths. fleeces hats in the shape of dachounds. \

But first we purchased the required lefse to blend in with the bazaar dwellers, there is nothing more Minnesotan that a Lutheran( I think I might have been Lutheran) church bazaar armed with a bag of lefse. 

Oh, wait. yes there is something that makes it even more Minnesotan. That would be the honey mustard table conversation:

We taste the mustard.
The table woman comes over.
Woman: You girls try the mustard?
Me: Yes, it is good.
Woman: Oh, but is has quick a zip too it huh? 
(the mustard tasted like mustard)
Woman: But think of what that would be like on chicken fingers.

The novelty of 'zippy' foods. 

And after consuming a caramel roll and pecan pie, I learned that those two sweets are very similar with their nuts and the caramel or caramel like paste. 

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