Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Culture of Eating Things: CRAVE

I went to CRAVE for the first time last night. I was really excited and well dressed so of course I ordered the weirdest thing on the menu.

I didn't mean too, originally I as excited about the beet salad and other FRESH VIBRANT AMERICAN food but then I saw they had a sushi menu sitting in the middle of the table. I was very please by all the amazing rolls, I couldn't decide what I wanted. 

Then I saw it.

The Dragon Wraps. Tuna, unagi, avocado something else, something else and something else all wrapped up in an egg omelet wrap. 

Egg omelet wrap? I ask myself. That means I must eat it.

So I ordered that and spontaneously decided I needed a spider roll as well. I

Beautiful and delicious! The Dragon Rolls are the perfect appetizer of part of a sushi-escape like mine, so soft and fresh. The egg omelet was like a crepe without the holes and crunchy edges, but thicker and warmer. 

I was impressed with the Spider roll too, I enjoyed the legs of the soft shell crab creeping out of it too. 

And the Sweet Peach Tea was good, but gone too soon and the Molten Chocolate lava cake was predictable and regrettable.

And the restaurant was really dark. Indoor patios, what do you expect?

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