Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Aliments

Why does my ear hurt? I just woke up, I couldn't have done something to it in the 15 minutes I have been awake. How does packing chicken salad for lunch hurt my ear? Or making weak single cups of Powerade? Why does my ear hurt.

Is that a spider bite on my leg? Did a five-fanged spider bite my side-upper calf? Was it a tarantula? A huge sneaky tarantula? Shouldn't it itch? It doesn't itch. Where are my super powers?

My gum hurts. I flossed why does it hurt? It feels like it is sandwiches between my molars, like fingers in a door. I flossed, what more does it need? Poking? Does it need poking? More floss? Does it want more floss?

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