Thursday, February 26, 2009

The snow is alive with the sound of tires spinning

Major Snow Day today!

Just when Minnesota was lulled into thinking winter had hid its head in the sand for the season. Ta-Da! Like mutilated angels, pounds of the white stuff insulated the area. No visibility, calf deep thickness on the roads and cars stuck left and right.

I had no fear. I knew to stick to the major thoroughfares that are plowed first, maintain an even speed and avoid drifts. No stuckness for me.

Until ten minutes ago. I was pleased with my abilities this evening and even push the envelope by chivalrously flattening some snow on the road for others, when I turned into my parking lot.

And got stuck, in my own parking lot. Somme helpful guys pushed me down the little hill and then I got stuck again trying to park. They pushed me again and I finally parked.

I got stuck twice six feet from home.

I am a little embarrassed.

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