Tuesday, April 28, 2009

woo t?


Where did that come from?

Woot-a joyful sound, like hooray, but a word.

I had never heard "woot" until about a year ago. Is it from somewhere? Is it new? I always thought it was the word "woo."
Woo-derived from woo-hoo a celebratory cry.

Like, "Woooooooooo!" we won the Superbowl, or something like that. Now I hear woot. And not from an isolate group but across all people I meet. Have people always been saying 'woot?' Did I just never hear the 't' and the end? I even see it typed. Is is recent as I have been noticing? Or is an ancient word of expressed delight?

Why had I never heard before last year? Now it surrounds me. Is it from some TV or movie? Or has it always been woot?

Has it always been woot?


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raven said...

It's a geek thing. Typed out, it should actually use zeroes for the os. w00t. I believe it comes in part from leet speak, a geek code of sorts where numbers are exchanged for certain letters. If I remember correctly, it's 1337 (leet).

I just think it's fun to say, so I use it a lot.