Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is what is happening

Hello Culture of Doing Things!

I know you all have been checking this blog daily since March for all of my brain eggs, but obviously, again, I have been doing other things than blogging. (Well, I have been blogging, you'll hear about that later.)

So, what is happening? My new show RT+MPLS: The Legend Of R.T. Rybak opens tonight at the New Century Theatre in Downtown Minneapolis. It is an amazing day: same-sex marriage became legal today, the MN Fringe is having it's 20th anniversary today, my fringe show opens! I am very fortunate to have been placed in a venue in the heart of the city with a show about the heart of the city on the day when the hearts of all the MN cities are full!

Full points for everyone.

So you can check out the show on the Minnesota Fringe site or follow the adventures of our Spokesmayor R(eally) T(iny) Rybak at (see, that's where I have been blogging.)

Hope to see you in person or on the internet soon!

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