Saturday, August 17, 2013

Polticial Ha-Ha Shows

On the heels of my show the genre inventing RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak, I have been asked (Actualy, no one asked me to make this list in the sense you are thinking. I just wanted to make it, but in my political research for this show I have learned that in the political world you say "I have been asked to run for president or mayor or congressman or trash collector" is how you say "I want to run for president or mayor or congressman or trash collector.")To list what other shows my fall under my new genre: The Political Love Letter/Romantic Comedy.

For those Culture of Doing Things Readers that are all like, "What are you talking about?" I am talking about the show I just made, RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak, a romantic comedy about Minneapolis's outgoing mayor and the fact that he's totally in love with the city and Minneapolis loves him back and it's adorable and wacky and satirical in the way you don't expect. You know that show? We just did it in the Minnesota Fringe Festival? The mayor came? TWICE?

Ok. Are we all on the same page now? Good. So to cap it off all you non-Minneapolis readers. Mayor Rybak is basically the mayor from Portlandia. It's awesome. What? You haven't seen Portlandia? Netflix it. Then come back.

So here they are:

Teddy Roosevelt's Extreme Environmental Challenge A reality TV show were it's nature vs nurture as teams of urban, technology-dependent social media hounds have to camp in a state park for a whole weekend--without internet service. Host Teddy Roosevelt scares the campers at night by unleashing an actual bear into camp. Survivors are rewarded with an actual teddy bear and a ride back to civilization on Teddy Roosevelt's moose.

Old Rough and Ready's Delicate Cooking Hour This cooking show features 12th president Zachary Taylor as he teaches you how to cook with bland things to avoid dying from eating cherries and milk, just like he did.

Yes, young Nixon.

Sexy Nixon's Top Model Youthful Nixon hosts a modeling competition where each week a losing model is kicked off to Nixon saying "That is not a look!"

DIY Bathroom Remodel with William Howard Taft This is a webseries where 27th President William Howard Taft enlarges your bathroom to accommodate America's expanding waistline. A great series, but has a lot of pop-up adds for Taco Bell.

Bill Clinton's Beach Party Jazz Fest Exactly what it sounds like, a classy jazz music appreciation show.

Linda Tripp's Say Yes to the Dress No explanation needed, only shown on pay-per-view


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