Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I now know what I will be working on until August.

Last night the ping pong ball with my number on it was pulled from it's cage at the right time to give me a spot in the festival. I had never been so surprise. Sure, I've been in the fringe before, but I have never been in the room when the balls are drawn. For being a totaly random lottery, there is a lot of suspense and hoping and willing the balls to say your and your pals numbers. I was actually looking at my phone when I heard 2  9  6  it took a split second and I reacted "I think that's me!" And it was!

I am so excited. I've really wanted to do this project since it laid an egg in my brain a while ago and I knew the MN fringe was the perfect place for it.

My MN Fringe 2013 show RT + MPLS: The Legend of RT Rybak. It's about our Mayor, it's going to be amazing and so much fun!

I know this because I have already had a blast not working on it but just pretending it exists.

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