Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, yeah.

Who needs Muscle Beach when I have Lake Calhoun?

I can't believe some of those guys actually can run without falling over, they are so top heavy. And wide. Really wide. No one can run or walk around them. It is like a flesh wall huffing toward or in front of you. 

Yes, I have popped my Lake Calhoun workout cherry. I have to admit I was a little intimidated. I am still new and hesitant to the running (I like to say jogging it sounds easier) and they only workout clothes I have are my Bikram yoga clothes. But did a scouting run near the lake yesterday to see where the entrances to the trail was and to see if there was a designated area or a one-way trail. But today I went for it. I did pretty good. I was colorful in my garb and my celebrity gas station sunglasses really helped me look cool. I didn't feel intimidated, my abs are like cathedral windows (without the stained glass). I don't run very fast, but it isn't a race. That I am aware of. Maybe it is. No wonder, runners don't smile, they don't know when the race is over. I didn't see a finish line. I was done before I got to it. Hmmm... what about that. I think I will bring a finish line next time for everyone. 

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