Sunday, September 6, 2009

No one is kidding

I should have seen it coming. There were warning signs. 

But I couldn't resist. Four firecrackers stamped on that menu meant nothing. It was the only item that had four firecrackers next to it. The closets thing to it was a green curry with one firecracker.

This had four. Four firecrackers, that I realize now may have been tiny dynamite sticks. Tiny dynamite sticks, that would have been more appropriate.

It really should have been an A-Bomb.

There were only four on the plate, accompanied by a lime sorbet chaser and a warning printed on card stock held up by two lines.


"Warning. Do not complain to your server that these were too hot. You will be publicly mocked and have been warned."

This was my second warning, first tiny sticks of dynamite, second a printed card placed on the plate.

I dug it. The taste was excellent, sweet, creamy, onion cream cheese, crunchy warm battered outside and chewy, sticky, &%$%^^#ing hot pepper. Habanero Hell Poppers. Ouch! The roof of my mouth felt like it was being peeled back and a fire was then being aresol chemical sprayed on to it. I didin't think it wouls ever stop.  It was the hottest thing I have ever had in my mouth. I was enjoying the taste until my tastbuds shut down for fear of being burned off. The lime sorbet helped. And the constant drinking of water to pushing the pepper along its journey.

Habenero Hell Poppers: Chino Latino. 

They warn you, and they weren't kidding.

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