Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gluten-Free Day Two.

I am doing the gluten-free thing for 30 days to see how that helps my gut party. I assume it will. But I have been nervous about taking this step and keep finding myriad of ways to postpone it. Then, in an after school special fashion, I decided to get real, and Jan 20th was the start of my 30 days of gluten-free. I am doing fine, obviously I am in the freak out beginning stages where EVERYTHING IS A BIG DEAL and I am sweaty in the pits about asking for gluten-free menu items. Yesterday I had a lunch date at Ruby Tuesdays, where my date asked for the gluten-free menu for me! And they had one. It was awesome. I celebrated that evening by ordering a gluten-free pizza from Pizza Luce! (I actually ordered two so I would have leftovers to help myself when I was hungry and weak at home to have a gluten-free snack/meal). So that was exciting. It is weird that I keep looking for restaurants to satisfy my food needs. Especially, when I get a bi-weekly CSA delivery of fresh veggies and normally make my own meals. I think it is the excitement of gluten-free has got me riled up. 

So you know, it really isn't a big deal. I am finding that being GF does require a constant vigilance that both President Bush and Mad-Eye Moody would approve of. Gluten is in everything! I know, right? What a great agent gluten has, I mean, how does gluten even have the time to be in all of these foods, doesn't it have a life to lead or a family to hang out with? The answer is no, gluten is just gluten it doesn't have anything else to do but show up in sauces and seasonings and stuff. 

That's all I got so far. I have armed myself with Larabars and GF recipes to keep myself on track. Godspeed gut. 

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