Monday, January 12, 2009


My eyes are hazy. Like looking through dry contacts or dirty glasses. Or both. When
I put the OPTIVE drops in my eyes focus a little better. People keep asking me if it
was worth it. I tell them, so far yes and my eyes still need to heal completely to
see where they land vision-wise. I am a fuzzy 20/20 right now. I do have a little of
the light halos and glaring. I don't know what ghosting is but I though I had it
yesterday when I saw a being float by my left eye, but that might have been an
actual ghost.

I should have asked Echo Bodine, she sees ghosts. I saw her on Saturday at
Border's doing a book signing. I think she was positioned awkwardly in the store.
She was at a table right at the entrance to the checkout. I see the thought behind
the placement, to get the most people past her. But people walking to the checkout line won't
stop to chat or buy a book when they already have made their purchasing decisions.
And if there are people behind them in line, they will not want to hold up the line,
it is Minnesota.

I didn't talk to her. I think I wanted to. I read a book of her's. Maybe she
only had that one there or the others. I only read one. I didn't know if you could
talk to authors unless you were having them sign the book. No one else was talking
to her; I assume that was her brother at the table with her. I overheard one of the
Border's employees talking to her about Facebook.

I didn't know what to say to her. I smiled and said and awkward, "Hello" to
her brother/male companion as I passed.

Obviously she doesn't read minds.


Echo said...

been nice to chat.
That man was Chris, my right hand man. He helps me with everything.
Yes, the set up was a bit odd. I'm glad to read someone else thought so also.
Did you just have lasik surgery?
STay warm and stay safe.
Thanks for mentioning me in your blog.
Echo Bodine

Echo said...

whoops. it forgot the top part.
I said, don't ever be nervous about coming up and saying hi. It would have been nice to chat.

Heather said...

Echo! Thanks for visiting my blog! I wish Border's didn't put you in the corner. Yes, I did just have Lasik, it is weird.

I enjoyed your book, even though I can't remember its title, I thought it was really fascinating, I think I read it straight through in one sitting, I remember you mentioning in your book you would visit drive-thrus after your adventures. That's fun!

Next time I see you we will chat!